Croft Capital (Pty) Ltd is a South African based boutique corporate and project finance advisory, capital raising, distressed funding and environmental advisory firm which provides comprehensive tailored solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

We are client centric, focusing on providing innovative and customised solutions based on functional expertise to ensure clients successfully achieve their goals. No matter how big or small the client, Croft Capital has the ability to aid our clients in achieving their goals and think beyond the constraints of their current situation.

The team at Croft Capital consist of Chartered Accountants (CA(SA)) and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) which together bring an abundance of experience to deliver on solutions for our clients.

Our environmental consulting arm provides support to best practice solutions
in environmental management and climate change.

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The Croft Capital value system is the backbone of our operations, define who we are and guide our actions in building trust to ensure the success for both our clients and ourselves.

Our values are broken down into 5 core pillars



We have a duty of care to: Recognize and value the contributions of all people

Ensure our clients are dealt with diligently, timeously and with respect

To comply with all rules and regulations within the countries in which we operate



We have responsibility to ensure that:

All work is conducted professionally

Clients are dealt with honestly and with integrity

All deliverables are concluded timeously

Decisions made are clear to ensure shared success of all the parties



We strive to ensure that:

All client engagements are performed objectively and effectively

The highest quality of work is delivered to our clients

We remain and act independently of our clients



Croft Capital seeks to add value by being solution-focused by:

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients to fully understand the problem

Thinking differently and unconventionally to provide unique solutions

Focusing on our customers long-term success making an impact through our talent, passion and hard work


Trust and respect

All our relationships are built on trust and respect


We pay special attention to our clients’ requirements thereby allowing them to focus on their business whilst we focus on ensuring that our clients meet their end goals.

Investment Banking

We at Croft Capital are well versed in the Investment Banking and Corporate Finance space.

Experience ranges from:

  • Fund raising
  • Due diligence
  • Valuations:
    • Company valuations
    • Financial instrument valuations
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • Distressed business and business rescue advisory
  • B-BBEE requirements and advisory
  • Environmental advisory and consulting
  • Value added support services

Investment Management

Croft Capital has identified that many investment holding companies have the ability to make investments, however, they are not able to effectively manage these investments to create and derive exponential value from these investments.

We are able to bridge this gap through our skills by:

  • Providing post investment management services
  • Understanding and exploiting growth drivers to increase revenue and reduce the overall cost base thereby enhancing cash flows
  • Creating synergies between sister companies and other companies within our network in order to derive a significant amount of value-add for everyone
  • Serving on boards
  • Placing our trusted and experienced people within organisations in order to grow cash flows
  • Providing insights and execution when exiting investments

Sector Focus

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering and construction
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer markets, retail and logistics
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Commercial property
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Agriculture and agro processing


We at Croft Capital have the experience of doing business on
the African continent. We are in a unique position to advise clients who:

  • Are looking to expand their businesses
    across the continent, and
  • currently have a presence on the continent, but, require
    transaction advisory services


Fund Raising

At Croft Capital we have full in-house capabilities to raise funds for our clients. Our fund raising capabilities range from start-up’s to expansionary funding for listed companies. We have the ability to raise funding for a range of different business needs. This ranges from manufacturing entities for plant and equipment, working capital, trade finance and property development finance. Further, we have the ability to raise debt, mezzanine debt, and equity.

Our specialized capabilities and experience include:

  • Development of the most appropriate and practical funding objectives and structures Identifying the best finance institutions for funding client specific projects
  • Preparing a financial model
  • Determining the optimal debt-equity ratio Performing debt capacity calculations

We have expertise in preparing the appropriate funding models and assist in the collation of fund raising packs required for each specific funder.

Distressed Business and Business Rescue

Croft provides the requisite advisory assistance:

  • to businesses in distress who may require balance sheet restructuring
  • to distressed businesses requiring a turn- around strategy development
  • in raising the required capital to support businesses with their turnaround strategy
  • to business rescue practitioners through the provision of corporate advisory services in business rescue processes
  • in negotiating with creditors and lenders inline with turnaround strategies

B-BBEE Transactions

We assist our clients in achieving their B-BBEE objectives and offer advice on the following:

  • Sector codes and industry charters
  • Structuring
  • Funding
  • Process
  • Valuation

Due diligence

We have extensive knowledge in performing due diligence for our clients. The types of due diligence which we are able to perform include Financial Due Diligence and Commercial Due Diligence.


We provide our clients with independent and objective opinions on valuations. These valuations are performed by a seasoned team.

Valuations which we are able to perform include:

  • Various methods of company valuations that suit the client needs
  • Valuation of financial instruments

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals Advisory

We at Croft Capital provide financial and strategic advice to assist our clients who are considering a merger, acquisition or disposal. We assist our clients from the beginning of the transaction through to completion and provide independent, objective and focused advice and analysis. We provide advice on a full range of transactions, including:

  • Mergers and acquisitions (buy side and sell side)
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • Management buyouts
  • Disposals
  • Spin-offs
  • Divestitures and other restructurings
  • Due diligence

Our service proposition includes

Mergers and Acquisitions (buy-side)

  • A detailed understanding of the transaction and the transaction rationale
  • Managing the acquisition process
  • Financial and commercial due diligence Company valuations
  • Selection of potential providers of capital, and full support during the capital raising process
  • Support in negotiation with the sellers for a successful closing of the transaction

Sales and divestures (sell side)

We assist our clients with spin-offs, splits, equity carve-outs and disinvestment, by providing the following services:

  • the development of the information memorandum and marketing materials
  • management of the selling process including sales tactics and competitive bidding development
  • support to the client in the management of due diligence with the selected potential buyers including coordination of Q&A with consultants, lawyers and transaction services providers
  • support on final negotiation process including price and closing mechanisms

Environmental Advisory and Consulting

Croft Capital is well positioned to advise on environmental management and climate change. Our environmental specialist provides and / or facilitates environmental best practice regulatory guidance to enable our clients with:

  • Sound environmental management practices in line with international sustainable development goals
  • National environmental regulatory compliance where appropriate climate action is also considered

Value added support services

Support services to our clients which would include:

  • Financial modelling which include:
    • Project finance
    • Corporate finance
    • Hybrid project and corporate finance
  • Financial forecast development and assessment
  • IRR and times money measurement
  • Payback periods
  • Social responsible investment compliance, measurement and reporting
  • Governance and risk control
  • Business development support to SMME’s
  • Project management


We at Croft Capital (Pty) Ltd believe in and promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) as set-out by the United Nations (“UN”) in September 2015.

The UN formulated these goals to inspire and involve all sectors within a country including the Business Sector which is seen as a key driver to the SDGs.

With a view to assist clients in their long-term business goals, and driving the agenda of the UN’s 17 SDG’s, Croft Capital should be the Company of choice for all your financial and environmental requirements.

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Vimal Rama
Executive Director
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